Introductory Information

All patients receive a comprehensive functional medicine assessment to identify and outline key areas of emphasis required to optimize health.

After scheduling your complimentary 15 min phone introduction, you can schedule your first appointment.

  1. Schedule First Office Visit
  2. Check email for required paperwork and invitation to start filling out your comprehensive health history on “Living Matrix”
  3. Submit all paperwork and Living Matrix H AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your first appointment.


 What to Expect at your first Appointment:

  • Personalized, compassionate care from Dr. Stewart
  • A complete review of your FM Health Analysis Report and discussion of key areas requiring emphasis
  • Outline of initial steps in our strategy to optimize your health. This may include any combination of the following (depending on what we have jointly decided will work best for you):
    • Support with lifestyle modification
    • Nutritional advice
    • Review of supportive educational handouts for you to take home
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Botanical Medicine
    • Mind Body medicine strategies and/or recommendation to return for a mind body medicine appointment.
    • Any required lab work to gain more diagnostic information
  • **Complementary color booklet with all results from online functional medicine analysis**


Visit Types- Descriptions

  • Naturopathic/Functional medicine appointment
    • Insert description
  • Mind-Body Medicine appointment
    • Insert description



Schedule Now 

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